The International Association of Lyceum Clubs extends a big welcome to the Lyceum Club of Rabat whose entry was ratified by the International Council at the Congress in Stockholm 2019.

A first year defined by strong emotions and beautiful interractions…
The Rabat Lyceum Club was initiated at the end of 2017, and was born out of the friendship bonding three beautiful women.
Today there are an average of 32 members.
The Club’s first year was full of different cultural activities such as visits to Museums, taking part at the Local  Heritage Day, or learning activities such as English , painting or singing classes.
A dynamic Book Club, where sometimes we could even count on the actual visit of the author himself, was launched.
The Rabat Lyceum Club means to be a multicultural entity taking its roots in sharing the same values of friendship, cultural interactions, thirst for knowledge and understanding between its different members.

The Rabat Lyceum Club hosted the 2022 International Lyceum Congress.