The Club is a bilingual Finnish-Swedish club, founded in 1932. The founders of our Club were influential women in their time, from presidents’ wives to scholars and cultural figures. Their aim was to establish a club for women interested in culture, continuous learning and social matters in the Helsinki area. The idea was obviously also to provide women a similar opportunity to meet and discuss interesting matters in a friendly atmosphere along the same lines as men did in their clubs. Their initiative was successful and the club flourished. The war time meant a break in the activities of the Lyceum Club, but it recovered soon after the war with new ideas and ways for activity. In the present, the Helsinki Club focuses its activities on weekly gatherings in the apartment of their own, where an invited guest gives a talk, alternatingly in Finnish and Swedish, on various topics, both on topical issues and of general interest. Visits to exhibitions and excursions are also organized. A bilingual history of the Helsinki Club by its member Aulikki Sauramo was published in 2010 to celebrate the 80 years of the Club’s activities. The present membership is about 120.

The Helsinki Club has its premises in the southern part of central Helsinki, at the address Rauhankatu 7 E, 00170 Helsinki. The Club has a website both in Finnish and in Swedish: (Finnish) (Swedish)

The email address is; telephone number +358 9 1357281

The president of the Helsinki Lyceum Club is Benita Tallqvist.