Establishment of the Lyceum School of Music 1930 Teaching piano, violin, guitar, recitation, ballet, theory, theatre

1930 Sunday School

A Theatrical Group performing works of modern Greek drama plays: Iphigenia en Tavris, Iphigenia en Avlidi, Antigoni, Ecavi, Idipus epi Kolono.

1932 Children’s Summer Resort

Literary tea gatherings every Thursday afternoon

1932–1959 44 Children’s plays were performed
1930–1969 400 lectures on various subjects by experts from Greece and Cyprus
1930 Lyceum Library

Mandolin players, 40 members

1940 – 1943 The period of great National Activities
1955 – 1959 Childrens’s choir, 40 members

Dance group of folk and Greek dances

1963 Foundation stone of the Lyceum Building in Famagusta laid
1967 Inauguration of Megaron of Lykeon Ellinidon Ammohostou

Granding Megaron of the Lyceum to the 1st Board of Directors

1970 Death of President and Founder Maria Ioannou
1971 – 1987 New President Maritsa Petridou

Establishment of Gallery where many art and handicraft exhibitions took place

1974 The Children Summer Resort in Agia Nappa
1974 Club activities stop due to military events in Cyprus
1975 Re-opening of our Lyceum in Limassol by Claire Angelides
1975 Schoolof Music in Limassol
1979 Establishment of Lyceum Branches Larnaca
1988 ? ? Nicosia
1970 ? ? Paralimni


1979 Re-opening of the Children Summer Resort: hosting Children of missing and fallen parents and refugee children. Children from institutions for the blind (Stelios Ioannou), with Downe syndrome, with special needs, diabetic, children from North Epirus, Bethlehem, Rhodos, the Black Sea areas, the from fire-ravaged areas of Greece and of large families
1979 Lyceum Choir with 40 members
1979 Lyceum members organized lectures, concerts, art exhibitions, humanitarian tea gathering and bazaars for charity and Woman’s Day celebration
1981 Inauguration of The Children Summer Resort by the President of Cyprus, Mr. Spyros Kyprianou
1987 Prize Award by the Academy ofAthens
1988 The Lyceum became member of the International Association of Lyceum Clubs IALC, participation in BCI meetings and International Congress IALC
1993 Organised BCI meeting in Cyprus
2010 Organised 31st International Congress (16–23 May 2010) in Limassol,Cyprus
October 2010 Exhibition of Women painters from Greece and Cyprus in cooperation with the House of Representatives of Cyprus.
October 2010 Celebrating 80 Years Anniversary of our Lyceum with cultural program


1987 Album 30th Anniversary

Album 60th Anniversary

1982 Issue of modified charter of the Lyceum
1993 Program for BCI meeting in Cyprus
2000 Album 70th Anniversary
2010 Album and Diary 80th Anniversary
2010 Catalogue of Women painters

Book by Nicosia Branch on the life of one of the heroes of the Turkish invasion, George Matsis

2010 Program of the 31st International Congress May 2010 in Limassol, Cyprus