The International Association of Lyceum Clubs (IALC) is the formal association of national Federations* of Lyceum Clubs worldwide.

Currently, there are Lyceum Clubs in 17 countries around the world.  View the countries and Clubs

Some countries, such as Cyprus, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Australia and New Zealand have Lyceum Clubs active in most major cities. Others, such as Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, the UK, Greece, Russia and the USA have, so far, only one Lyceum Club established in the capital city or in a major city (Philadelphia Pa.).

Whether a country has one or many Lyceum Clubs, it constitutes a national Federation and, as such, can apply to be a member of the IALC and enjoy the rights and benefits offered by the international body.

The IALC is headquartered in Switzerland, at the premises of the Lyceum Club which retains the IALC archives – currently the International Lyceum Club of Zurich.

It is an apolitical and secular organisation, legally constituted under the Swiss Civil Code.


* In some countries, the National Federation of Lyceum Clubs is referred to as the National Association of Lyceum Clubs. We have used the word ‘Federation’ to mean both types of national organisations.