Club: Philadelphia, Pa, USA
Author: Jodi Picoult
Publisher: Paperback
Date: Feb 2005


Vanishing Acts is about the life of Delia Hopkins, a twenty something single mother of a young daughter. Delia has a most unusual job…she tracks and finds lost people with her bloodhound. Since childhood her closest friends have been Eric, currently her fiance and Fitz, a journalist. Delia was raised by her widowed father in rural New Hampshire and until now has led a wonderful life. Everything changes suddenly when her father is arrested in their home for the charge of kidnapping Bethany Matthews. Stunned Delia asks, “Who is Bethany Matthews?” Her father replies, “You were!” Shocked and confused Delia must now find out the truth of her past life. She had always longed for a mother; does this mean her mother is alive? If she is alive why has she not been in her life? Is her beloved father a criminal?

Jodi Picoult has the ability to enter into the psyche of all of her characters. We begin to know the deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions of everyone in the book. She is able to see all sides of a problem and explains the disparate views of the characters clearly. In this book the author handles the topics of parental kidnapping and child abuse with clarity and sympathy to all involved.

While the majority of us enjoyed the book, no one felt it reached the level of intensity of feeling that My Sister’s Keeper did. Therefore while we recommend Vanishing Acts, we most heartily recommend My Sister’s Keeper.