Club: Melbourne, Vic, Australia 
Group: Fourth Tuesday Reading Circle
Author: Toni Morrison
Date: February 2006


An insight into the culture and traditions of African Americans from one of the worlds most gifted story tellers, Toni Morrison who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1993, the first black American to do so. Even though written in 1978, this work of fluent and poetic writing is worthy of praise. So much so that with it Toni Morrison won the 1978 National Book Critic’s Circle Award for fiction. Not a happy story by any means, but told with sensitivity and humor, the reader is drawn into the life mesh of vividly portrayed characters. This is the depiction of life, class struggles and social attitudes of black Americans from the experience and wisdom of one who has lived the reality. Read during 2005 at the time of the New Orleans floods, we were much more informed and able to comprehend some of the social problems of that tragic event. In discussion of this book we all expressed a feeling of awe at the ability of the author to bring to life and present such an involved plot in an enjoyably readable book. We highly recommend Toni as an author and Song of Solomon as a fascinating and broadening read.